Kat River Valley Preparatory School

A School Where Everybody Matters

Learning to Love to Learn

Kat River Valley Preparatory School

Grade 000: 3-4 year olds
Grade 00: 4-5 year olds
Grade R: 5-6 year olds

There is always a warm welcome to our Kat Valley Prep Pre-Primary. Our boys and girls learn to think for themselves and grow in every aspect of their lives. Most of all, they have fun during this important and exciting time in their development.

We do our best to ensure your child thrives in a safe and loving environment.

Our learning at the pre-primary is not only confined to the classroom, but also extends to the playground, art classes, educational outings and different themes throughout the term.  We provide a solid foundation for our pupils in a stimulating, safe environment. 

We nurture our children to become confident and well-adjusted by the time they are ready to progress to Grade 1.

Other classroom activities:

  • Phonics in a box
  • Number Sense Programme
  • Puzzles and educational games
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving activities
  • Fine motor games
  • Themed lessons and activities
  • Art
  • Show and tell
  • Class music
  • Sing-a-long

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